In the Mienaltowski Laboratory, undergraduate research interns can work on research projects.  Students’ skills are assessed so that they get a project that best matches their background, abilities, and/or interests.  I coordinate their efforts with the ultimate goal for them to complete modules representing answers to specific questions or tests of specific hypotheses.  In working on a research module, the objectives are to have students understand scientific method, participate in manageable amounts of research given their aptitudes, and generate a meaningful finding that contributes to the team’s efforts and even possibly presentation of findings at a meeting or authorship or co-authorship on a published research paper.

Students are expected to apply for units (ANS 99/199 or ANS 194) through the Animal Science Advising Center online internship system.  My belief is that research is not something that can be done in 2-3 hours per week for just one term for the sake of addition to one’s professional school application.  Research requires time and effort.  Thus, students are expected to spend 8 or more hours optimally per week in the field, at the bench, or at the computer gathering, processing, analyzing, interpreting, and presenting data.

I am incredibly excited to include undergraduates in my research program.  My research mentors were generous with their time when I was an undergraduate and gave me the opportunity to thrive in their laboratories.  Their willingness to foster my interests in research strengthened my resolve for a career in science.  If you are interested in working on a research project AND are willing to commit the necessary time to the effort, then there might be a position available for you.  – Dr. Mienaltowski