Dr. Mienaltowski is currently looking for graduate students to train, particularly in these areas:

  • A student with bioinformatics skills who is interested in working on the functional genomics of rodent tendon repair as a model for human and horse tendon repair. (MS or PhD)
  • A student with background in horses and/or microbiology who is interested in working on projects related to microbiota analyses. (MS)
  • A student who is interested in working with white striping in chicken muscle, combining genomics data with biochemical, histological, and immunohistological analyses. (MS)

If you are interested in working on a graduate degree in his laboratory, please contact him by email (mjmienaltowski@ucdavis.edu). Please include your CV/resume and describe your background in scientific research.

Dr. Mienaltowski is a member of three graduate groups (Animal Biology, Integrative Pathobiology, and Integrative Genetics & Genomics).